Borna Mirahmadian is a self-taught freelance photographer, a member of International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP) and also a member of the Photographic Society of America (PSA).

He was born on 1981 in Tehran-Iran and started photography at an early age, but taking photos was only a hobby, till 2007 that his enthusiasm for photography had a twist of fate and turned into an obsession. Since then he pursues photography with his exemplary passion for this activity, despite being a full-time Civil Engineer.

During the last few years, He has participated in many international photography contests and this has brought him more than 18 prestigious Awards, as well as 11 “Certificate of Merit” from PSA, and 2 well-respected Photography Distinctions from FIAP. Following his success in these competitions, on May 2016 he became the first Iranian who receives a ROPA Title (Recognition of Photography Achievement) from PSA.

Borna is also active in the field of Stock Photography and his pictures are purchased as editorial or commercial royalty-free licenses through International Stock Agencies to be used in Graphic Designs, Advertisements, Magazines and websites, all around the globe.

• Entitled “Artist” by FIAP and awarded the AFIAP Distinction, Sep. 2012
• Designated “Excellence” title by FIAP and awarded the EFIAP Distinction, Feb. 2015
• Designated “Recognition of Photography Achievement” award by PSA and entitled PPSA ROPA Distinction, May 2016

AWARDS (Medals and Honorable Mentions)
His work has been awarded and commended with Medals, Diplomas or Honorable Mentions at the following photography competitions:

• DVCCC International Photo Travel Circuit, USA, 2011
• International Photographic Exhibition “Golden Spurs”, Belgium, 2012
• ISAP International Competition "Indonesia Salon of Art Photography", Indonesia, 2012
• International Camerapixo Magazine, Hot Shots Vol. 2, 2013 (Editor's Choice Award)
• International Circuit Exhibition of Photography “Portrait”, Serbia, 2013
• "Olympic" Photo Circuit, International Photographic Salon of Fine Art Photography, Greece, 2013
• "Holland" International Image Circuit, The Netherlands, 2014
• DVCCC International Photo Travel Circuit, USA, 2014
• International Camerapixo Magazine, Hot Shots Vol. 3, 2014 (Best Inspiring Photography Award)
• SWPA International Competition “Sony World Photography Awards", England, 2015
• UPOTY International Competition “Urban Photographer of the Year", England, 2015
• CIOB International Competition "Art of Building", England, 2015
• 12th "Image of the Year" National Photography Competition, Iran, 2015
• IPA Lucie Awards "International Photography Awards", USA, 2016 (Awarded in 3 different sections)
• “Ancient Civilizations” Competiton & Exhibition of Photography, Greece, 2017
• "Philharmonia" International Salon of Photography, Kyrgyzstan, 2019

• Awarded 11 “Certificate of Merit” from Photographic Society of America in different Photography Divisions
• Indexed in “Who’s Who in Photography” listing, which is annually published by Photographic Society of America, 2011 & 2013
• Three-Time Finalist in the TPOTY Int. Competition “Travel Photographer Of The Year”, England, 2013, 2017 & 2019
• Nominated for HIPA Grand Award “Hamdan International Photography Award”, UAE, 2014
• Finalist in the International "Travel Photography Awards", 2014
• Nominated for FAPA International Award “Fine Art Photography Awards", England, 2017 (Nominated in 2 different sections)

• "Middle East Exhibition of FIAP Distinction Holders", Oman, 2014
• "Photo+Adventure" Exhibition held at Design Center Linz, Austria, 2014
• "Festival of Visual Arts by International Stars of Iranian Art" held at Tehran’s Niavaran Cultural Center, Iran, 2018
• "PSA Photo Exhibition" by 200 PSA members worldwide invited from 59 countries, Beijing-China, 2019
• Participation in more than 15 Group-Exhibitions of photography held in Tehran, Iran

Despite his achievements, Borna believes that he’s just at the beginning of a long journey and yet has a lot to learn and achieve in this long and winding road.